Wire Knit Beaded Cuff

I got this pattern from the book Twist and Loop by Annie Modesitt, though because the beads and ribbon are different mine doesn’t look much like the original. It’s my first time knitting with wire. More info and another pic on the blog.

Wow that is really pretty. That is so cool, I bet you are gonna have that on all the time now.

Is it hard to work with wire? It must be way different from yarn, there’s no stretch and it’s malleable instead of flexible.

anyway, great job

That is beautiful! Usually when people think of knitting they don’t think of jewelry. Your bracelet is like a cross of two art forms, and it’s truly a work of art.


Very pretty and very cool!

Wow!! That’s just gorgeous! I really admire your originality. Your work is always beautiful.

Very pretty!! :woot:

Very nice! Lovely color combo!

How VERY unique!

Very nice! I :heart: it.

It’s lovely…very effective.

That’s is SO COOL! :yay:Everyone you know will want one!

I started to knit a hat and it calls for beads, but when I tried to pull the yarn threw the bead it just is too tight. I have bought all kinds of beads but apparently wrong one’s.
Do you think if I pull the bead threw the wire then knit the wire in with the bead it just might work? or have any ideas on this project??
Thank you

Interesting piece. I like the green ribbon and beads.

Thanks, everybody.

Working with wire takes a little getting used to. I’m still not totally used to it. But I saw that the gauge in the first 1/2 of my bracelet was much bigger than in the second. It’s difficult to get the stitches even. But I do plan to wear it often for a while. :slight_smile:

You may just be using beads that are too small for your yarn. I think threading the beads onto wire and knitting it with your yarn will be a difficult way to go about it and probably will not give you the results you want. The wire is hard, so unless you want your hat to be hard, I wouldn’t suggest it. You could get some carrying weight or lace weight yarn and thread the beads onto that and carry that along with your main yarn.

That’s gorgeous! Was it difficult to work with the wire?