Ok Ok, I have been on here for a while I finally mustered up some courage and decided to post some WIPs … enjoy.

My very first cable project. Silver’s Palindrome Scarf, I did add a stitch on each end, slipping the first stitch k-wise and knit the last stitch.

… the whole reason why I started knitting. My DD had hand knited and hand crocheted blanket. DS had nothing. So, I was determined to learn now to knit and voila, behold … my DS’s baby blanket .

Very nice!! :yay:

lookin’ beautiful! Keep at it - I can’t wait to see the finished products!

beautiful work! i’ve seen a lot of the palindrome/irish hiking scarves in a multi colored yarn but it looks beautiful in one tone also! that blanket looks great too!


They look terrific!

Beautiful! I love them both. Great color choices.

The blanket is beautiful! and the scarf looks cosy!

They look great!! Love your photos…:thumbsup:

Excellent job on both projects!