WIPS, WIPS and more WIPS

Oy vey. I feel buried in WIPS, many of which are 99% done!

But for various reasons, I haven’t been able to seam the pieces that are blocked, or block the pieces that are knit, or felt the piece that is knit!

Sometime, my stars are going to align…and I’ll be spitting out numerous FO’s…but not anytime soon! :wall:

Two lacy scarves. (each at 5-10%)
The doggy bed. (99%)
The Hallett’s Ledge Cardigan (99%)
The Leaving Pullover. (97%)
The two TV blankies for granddaughters. (30-45%)

And then what do I spend a day on??? Five scrubbies! :doh:

Well, at least you were accomplishing something. I sometimes spend too much time looking at patterns or even searching for patterns.

You have something to show for your efforts. Me on the other hand–ppppptttt!!!


Recently, WORDS WITH FRIENDS has taken a big bite out of my knitting time! Meh, might as well jump on the Alec Baldwin band wagon, eh? But I don’t intend to get kicked off an airline because I can’t put the game down! :roflhard:

And to add insult to injury…someone turned me on to Angry Birds and Angry Birds Rio! Those silly mindless little games are addicting! And so infuriating! I tear my hair out…then all of a sudden…I win a level…and I’m wandering into the next challenge! Gah! :hair:

A little voice is sitting on my shoulder, whispering, “You need to get a life, Dollyce!”

There there, artlady…you’ll be back up and running at your old fast speed soon enough, I’m sure. Meanwhile, you deserve to kick back a little, enjoy some time for yourself. Think of all the projects which you HAVE completed in the past year or two. I for one, have been stunned at your accomplishments.

The list of WIPS is quite a teaser. Can’t wait to see the finished projects. I like to think that ideas and ways of doing things are percolating away while I’m (productively) using my time elsewhere. Well that’s my excuse, anyway.

:roflhard::roflhard: Oh yeah…I play all those… I can give you some more app addictions if you like… :teehee:

I’m actually glad to see that you have WIPs. You’re always posting your beautiful finished objects, it’s nice to know that you also [SIZE=1]waste[/SIZE] [SIZE=1]time[/SIZE] . . .:teehee: um, play games. .

I finally HAD TO uninstall Angry Birds and Angry Birds Rio. Way way way too much time spent flicking those dumb little birds across the screen! I actually have cramps in my right shoulder from playing Angry Birds Rio. I got up to mid level in Beach Combers…and I just couldn’t win it. I must have tried 100 times to get those dumb ducks to collapse that monkey house.

I finally thought to myself YOU ARE CRAZY, DOLLYCE! Give it a rest.

So I uninstalled both games. They were driving me nuts. :hair:

I’m best to stick with Words with Friends.

And reading my Twitter feeds.

Wow…I’ve never heard of anyone doing that, Dollyce! :teehee: I go through cycles. I played for awhile, but now I’ve not played Angry Birds for months. I tend to stick to Words with Friends and Hanging now and the occasional game of Bejeweled. :lol: