WIPS and Re-do's!

Well I’ve never had so many sweaters that are 95% done. Four in fact. I’m in serious doubt that the Drops Alaska sweater will fit me. [U] I think[/U] it will fit like it could house a Boeing 747 jet. Me thinks I goofed up BIG TIME in choosing a size. Butthe darn thing, including sleeves are blocked…and I’ve picked up all the stitches and the yoke is now halfway done. Only after the yoke is all done will I REALLY KNOW if this sweater will fit. It’s raglan seams, so I can’t really tell by holding it up to me. Darn.

If it’s [B]ten miles too big.[/B]…I’ll re-knit with new yarn…and someday, in the truck with DH, on our way to the mountains, I’ll frog this monstrosity and save it for a Log Cabin blanket. Because the yarn is blocked…the “full soak” kind of blocking…the yarn will be a curly as Little Orphan Annie’s hair! I know there are ways to uncurl yarn…but I’m not in the mood to do it. There’s too much of it.

In addition to the (maybe) monstrosity, I knit three Woven Braid Ski Hats…that I’m now in the process of RE-KNITTING, using double strand…because the hats, I decided, fit more like skull-caps than ski-hats. That will teach me to tinker with the yarn weight! :pout:

The only good news I can report: the 6 Mini Mochi scarves I knit up for 6 of my grandchildren are done and they turned out great! :wink:

And one of the Woven Braid Ski Hats is done, and looks much better! It was worth the time to re-knit! :thumbsup:

Oh no!!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will fit after all is said and done. If not . . . I agree, just start fresh with new yarn and either give the other to a friend or frog it later. I’m in the process of reknitting Ysolda’s [I]Peaks Island Hood[/I]. When I realized, halfway through, that I had made a mistake waaaayy back at the beginning I just started over with new yarn. I’ll frog it at some point when it will be less painful.

Wow … you get disappointed too? That gives me hope! and makes me feel better. Sorry about the sweater though - that really stinks!! I’m crossing my fingers it fits once you’re done. Glad to hear the hats are finally coming out the way you wanted them to. :slight_smile:

I love the cable design and color. I love to wear red, but with red hair I have to be a bit careful on the shade I choose. Right now oversized sweaters are in vogue, so I say finish it and just pretend it’s supposed to be fashionable or, say you wear it to show how much weight you lost doing all that knitting :wink:

This stuff happens. We understand completely. Everything doesn’t turn out as we hope and if a knitter hasn’t experienced that yet, they either haven’t knit long enough, or don’t do challenging things.

We don’t give up hope yet on the Drops sweater. We hope till all hope is gone, then we face it. It may still work. We are on your side in this thing. :grphug:

Your image hasn’t been tarnished in the least. You are still a queen of beautiful finished objects.

I completely understand with waiting to frog. I waited over a year on a sweater I had started. Hopefully it will fit and you won’t have to frog. :knitting:

Crossed Fingers Crossed Fingers Crossed Fingers

Hope it fits! Otherwise, maybe you can find a friend it does fit. The colorway and the knitting is just beautiful.

You do SO many lovely projects!

Ah well…all good things comes to those who have patients…

Come here for a visit and get someone else to drive you!! It’s 6-8 hours!! Plenty of time to knit:teehee: !!

We love Vancouver Island! We’ve visited many times! Wonderful place! We love to make a big loop north, then cut over to Vancouver Island, down the length of Vancouver Island…and then back over to the mainland! Quite a beautiful, scenic drive, with lots of cool places to stay over. It’s been a few years…but there is a ferry ride or two involved, too! I love ferries!