WIP- wimple

My current knitting project is Elegan Wimple. It’s a super easy pattern. I really needed some way to make a ‘stay put scarf and a no nonsense hat’. I have just finished my ‘husband love scarf’ which is a simple 2x2 Rib keyhole scarf which really helps keep it in position around the neck. My husband now wears it inside the house and slaps it around the neck of anyone who walks in the door to show them the warmth… now I have tooo many people wanting me to make them scarves!! I needed something that would stay put around my neck and viola! there was the elegant wimple! The pattern is really hard to see.


it makes me want to sing…
[size=6]And underneath her wimple, she has curlers in her hair!!! I’ve even heard her singing in the abbeeeeeeeeeeey!!![/size][/color]

I want a wimple! I just like saying wimple! Try saying wrinkly wimple really fast!

Uhm, sorry to hijack. :shifty:

Pretty! I have to say, I had never heard of a wimple before I started knitting…

That’s pretty!

I though only nuns wore wimples. :thinking: I bet not like this one!

cough cough… I am a nun… cough cough… :shock:


That’s REALLY pretty! What yarn are you using…um…Sister? :wink:

BTW…another term for this kind of wimple is COWL.


Since she refers to her husband in the first post, I don’t think she’s really a nun…

Loving your wimple :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Is there a link to that pattern?

That was my first thought, too! None of the nuns I ever had wore anything other than black and white and boring. :roflhard:

My aunt used to be a nun, and she actually did wear curlers under her habit! She is, shall we say… unique? :wink:

Sadly I am not really a nun… I am officially an ordained minister, but that isn’t why I’ve made the wimple. http://www.carylldesigns.com/wavy_feathers_wimple.htm . I am using LB Wool-Ease worsted weight in Wood color 232 which is really beautiful! I made my shitzu a matching doggie sweater!

That was my first thought, too! None of the nuns I ever had wore anything other than black and white and boring. :roflhard:[/quote]

heheee! I love nuns! Was going to be on if I didn’t get married !


I had to look at this since I’ve never heard of a wimple! I would’ve called something like that a 3 way scarf (tube that you can use as a wimple…but would’ve had to just describe how to use…I had no idea there was a real name, a scarf or neck warmer). It’s really pretty!

Thanks for the link. OOooooOOOooo pretty!

thats really pretty great job!! :thumbsup:

I like that very much. It looks so warm and soft. :heart:

Thanks for the encouragement everyone!