WIP: Two-at-a-time Toe Up Socks

[color="#330099"]… using two circulars.

My first sock project, and it is going well. I’ve made it past the heels and am starting up the ankle part.

Okay, this is another project I need to photograph. Well I’m following the mash-up-magic-toe-up-socks pattern at

Yarn is a 14 oz. skein of Bernat chunky in brown. (I think, it did quickly loose it’s label).

My plan was to do a set for each member of my family, dear wife, 4 children, and myself.

I started with mine so if I made mistakes they would be on my own sock for me to deal with as I wished without complaints. :eyebrow2:

Now, I’m not sure I’ll have time to make 5 more pairs of sock before Christmas arrives! :oo:

I started a simple rib pattern on the instep and have converted it to a k2, p2 rib for the leg portion.

More to come…

[color="#330099"]Okay, so I had trouble with the “eye of partridge” on the heels.

They look more like broken ribs…[/COLOR]

Kewl! Love the model socks! Yours will be wonderful!

OMG. I did not remember starting this thread about these socks. I put then in my backpack and would work on them when ever I got the chance if the mood hit me.

They are still on the needle and in my back pack. I started calling them my annual socks they were taking so long. I then changed it to three-year socks.

Now I really know just how old they are and still not done. 8 years in the making?! I need to finish them soon.

(Edit to add: I do like the new forum. Uploading an image from my phone’s camera is so easy.)

Hi Jack! I’ve got several projects like this! I mean on the needles for years.:joy: unlike you though I will at some point just frog most and reclaim the yarn and needles. I just don’t care anymore with many of them. Also discovered that often my gauge changed so it wouldn’t work anyway. Good for you for trying though!

Oh, I am too close to the top/finish/end to frog then.

I am going to finish them. It is Winter and we just had a ice/snow storm here in North Carolina that has us all home bound for a few days.

I’ll set things aside. The sweater I just finished got set aside shortly into it. Reading the knitting to figure out where I left off was rough. Forget gauge, I was worried my size had changed too much over the years.

Hi Mike! I don’t think my feet have changed much in size in the past eight years. lol

But they are toe up so I can try them on to be sure.

Most of my weight has been in the middle and arms. If it would only spread out to the legs.

Jack, you are sooo close. Time to set those socks free and let them hike the streets and byways (with you of course).
What new project for your backpack?