WIP : "Tubey" Sweater

So here is some progress. This sweater would have been finished by the 2nd week of January, but I was trying to finish up some other things first.

This thing fits like a dream, not too stretched, and just snug enough… I am in love with the yarn. (Red Heart Soft) it feels fantastic against my skin. Anyhoo… I only have about 50% to 60% of the body left. and I cannot wait to be done, so I can show my sweater off.

You can see I need to pin down the sides to cover my bra. This is actually my work bra… The ones I wear for regular days have straps set wider apart so I don’t have to pin it up too much!

I am happy I didn’t bother counting how many stitches to pick up. I just picked up whatever I could pick up and keep the edge straight, and then when I finished that I had to add on an extra 40 to get to the right size, so I just did some quick math. This method worked great for me. No bunching in the back like this… which was my biggest fear…

yay! :heart: :heart: :heart:

That looks great!!! :cheering:

May I ask which pattern that is? It’s so gorgeous.

It’s the tuby sweater pattern.

there is a link also in my sig. This pattern was so simple and easy and there is so much room for personalization.

I’m not too observant, lol. Thanks for the link!

That looks fantastic. Way to go!

Very nice. I’ve been meaning to knit this!

Looks wonderful so far - what a great color!

I love tubey–yours looks great so far!

love your tubey! and if it’s turning out that fantastic in that yarn, i think i might go pick up some for me to knit with. i made oh so many blankets out of that yarn. i guess in my head sweaters have to be made with itchy yarn instead of the snuggly stuff!

hello tubey! you’re back on the list of things i need to knit!

I LOVED knitting tubey… yours looks fabulous!

Lookin GREat so far :happydance: