WIP - tilli thomas yumminess...now a FO!

i cast on for this scarf last night - unfortunately, i would have gotten a lot more done, but i had to work all day today…it’s being knit with tilli thomas disco lights in olive - i could only justify (and barely justify) purchasing 1 skein of this yarn, and i really wanted to find a project that would do it justice. i couldn’t find any patterns that made me think: “ooo, i need to knit that!”, so i made up one of my own by adapting an existing lace pattern. if anyone has any good advice on how to block this yarn, i am all ears - i don’t want to ruin this when i’m finished!

Looks really good and i love this color!!!:thumbsup:

Your work looks lovely/ The color is also lovely. Green is my favorite.

Very pretty. I love that yarn. Please post pictures when it’s finished.

so pretty,
so very pretty.

fantastic color! the pattern sort of reminds me of pretzels. heh but i like it!

update: i’m done! i blocked this scarf over the past two days, and ultimately, i am very happy with it - the photos don’t display it to its fullest advantage, but it really is very pretty, and i can’t wait to wear it!

That is absolutely beautiful

It’s beautiful!


Lovely! Boy, do you work fast.

:heart: soooo pretty. Excellent work.

I’m squinting to see the sequins. Need more photos! :wink:

Oh wow! That is so lovely! You will probably get a lot of requests after you wear it the first time!

very pretty! i love the shade of green

It is really lovely and you did a great job! :woohoo:

[COLOR=#0000ff]Thanks for taking time to post the photos of your beautiful creation!!![/COLOR]

It is just lovely, and I love the color! I’m sure you will enjoy wearing it. I’m wondering, how did you block it? I’m working on a lace scarf and nervous about wet blocking.

I love that, the yarn does look yummy!

i ended up pinning it extensively while dry, then soaking it with a hand-held squirt bottle and letting it dry - it seems to have worked pretty well, although i think i would have been happier with some blocking wires…