WIP: Soft as Snow Diagonal Baby Blanket

i’m so frustrated. i’m knitting this with LB Pound of Love. my guage matches the pattern, and i’m out of yarn! i only have 50 rows left, and i have to go buy another 1020yds of yarn - ew.

so i think that i might add a hood to it for 2 reasons: 1) to use up more of the extra yarn and 2) to cover up and potential change in dye color.

Isn’t that frustrating when you run out of yarn mid-project? At least your gauge looks very nice and even!

Sorry about having to buy more yarn :doh: but it looks great so far~! :eyebrow:

I feel for you! I ran out of yarn with about 10 rows on a baby sweater and had to buy another skein. Frustrating isn’t it? The blanket looks great. I did 2 of those using baby lash and they came out so soft. I see you used circs. Maybe I should have done that! Great job and it is very cute.

It looks great!

Running out of yarn is a pain! Maybe you could also make up some booties and a little sweater with the extra yarn?

well, there is a little bit of good news here. i was able to find the same dye lot - only 3 months later, so i got lucky.

i finished knitting the blanket today (decided against the hood since the dye lot matched). i’m going to throw it in the wash and add the ribbon this week.

with all of the extra yarn (i didnt even use all of the yarn barf from pulling out of the middle of the skein), i’m going to make a hat and thumbless mittens.