WIP - Sitcom Chic cardigan from Knitty

I’ve been working on Sitcom Chic for probably 1.5 months now, off/on. It is mostly finished but there is quite a bit of finishing and fixing up to be done yet! The main thing is that IT FITS!!! :happydance: I’m happy with the color, I’m happy with the pattern. I did a seed stitch lower edge instead of ribbing…I had done the ribbing and couldn’t stand it so ripped out the lower couple of inches and re-did with seed instead. I like it MUCH better. I will do the same with the sleeves and am planning to make them shorter. They are supposed to be 3/4 length but are nearly full length on me and it looks weird :rollseyes: .

Also, as you can see, there is a lot of stockinette curling happening along the front edges. I still have some picking up of stitches to do along there and am crossing my fingers that it truly helps control the curling. It seems like too much curling to be fixed by a couple of rows of edging, but we’ll see!


Oh yeah, the yarn is Bernat Satin in the color called ‘camel’. It is 100% acrylic but very nice to work with. And washable which is ALWAYS a good thing! :thumbsup:

Beautiful sweater with a timeless classic look! I’m in awe of the fact that it FITS!! So far I’ve only attempted baby/child garments thinking that as long as they are proportional and larger than the intended child, they’ll fit at some point for however brief a time! Trying to knit a garment to fit an adult seems daunting to me!!

Beautiful. The eyelet garter is a nice touch, as is the seed stitch. Good job :thumbsup:

Wow, that is very pretty, it looks very “classic”! I love the color!

That looks wonderful! You did a superb job on the raglan/eyelets! :cheering: :cheering:

Love that sweater! And it looks so silky! Great job!! :thumbsup:

Nice job! Beautiful sweater :smiley: . Would you suggest it for a first sweater? Was there a lot of seam sewing, etc…? I underestimated how difficult finishing techniques were to master when I attempted to sew up a simple little hat :doh: !

There is actually VERY little seaming. The body portion, of course because it’s a cardigan so open in the front, is knit back and forth from the bottom up until you get to the armpit level. Then that is put aside (left on needles) and you knit both sleeves, also up to armpit level, then join all 3 pieces together and the rest is worked as one piece. The only seaming is under the arms, and it’s only 12 sts worth each arm. VERY do-able! :thumbsup: It has a lot of other finishing requiring picking up of stitches around the neck edge and the side fronts.

The pattern was fairly easy to follow although I found a flew glitches in it I worked my way through and it came out fine in the end. The pattern was unclear in a few spots and there is definitely a mistake in the stitch count at the end of the sleeve decreases, at least on the size medium. I figured out a way around that too!

So as a first sweater project? Sure, why not!! You don’t know until you’ve tried and you’d probably discover it’s not as bad as you think it might be! It IS a lot of work though, but hopefully worth it in the end.

Good luck!! :smiley:

By the way, thanks everyone for all your kind words! :heart:

Looks wonderful! You did an awesome job! I havent tried a sweater yet, but hopefully soon!

OOOOH, very nice! Was it a quick knit?

mentally adds another project to the wish list

It looks great! I have this pattern, along with a bunch of that Cotton Ease, that was discontinued last summer - hope to make it toward the spring!

[color=darkred]WOW! Very nicely done.
I envy your incredibly even tension.[/color]

Remember when I said that there was very little finishing to be done on this??? I was SO WRONG. This cardigan gave me so much trouble in the end, but I was determined to conquer it! :thumbsup: My biggest problem was that the left and right front edges of the cardigan were rolling like CRAZY and nothing I tried could control it at all :frowning: . I set it down for a few days and got back at it today. A combination of Ingrid’s ideas and some of my own got me through it. I ended up picking up stitches along the inside of the front edge, if that makes any sense (because I had already picked up stitches and done the trim as described in the pattern and was determined NOT to rip that out), did 6 rows of stockinette and seamed the live stitches down on the inside of the cardigan. It gave about a 1" hem and it took care of the problem like a charm!! Now I have to do the other side and then I’m DONE DONE DONE :cheering:

I also re-did the cuffs of the sleeves today, making them a bit shorter and doing a sew-under hem instead of the ribbing that the pattern asked for.

So the moral of the story…if you are planning to knit this pattern, know that it’s going to take quite a lot more than you think before it’s wearable. :? Mine should be wearable by the weekend! :happydance:

I’m just noticing that the yarn color looks different in all 3 of those picture, and none of them really looks how it actually is. Oh well.

That looks just wonderful! I love it!

Sooooo pretty! I’m drooling. Great job! :thumbsup:

WOW!!! It looks REALLY great!! And, so “finished” and professional-like!! :cheering:

I’m so glad it worked out for you!! It looks wonderful! :cheering: