WIP - Sideways Sockyarn Baby Sweater

Just wanted to share what I am working on. I am so excited that I have gotten this far. This pattern starts out with the sleeve on dpns (so you don’t have to seam the sleeve) and then changes to two circular needles. You are knitting the front and back of the sweater at the same time. And I actually did it. Here is the first half of the sweater. In the photo is the back of the left side of the sweater and I have started on the right side. I am using Opal sock yarn. I am really enjoying this. This is my second sweater.

That’s so cute! :thumbsup:

Ooooo cute! Where is the pattern? :inlove: :inlove:

Jan in CA I got the pattern from my LYS. Here is the website of the pattern designer. There is a link to the yarn shop. www.hyphenboydesigns.com

Thank you, Pug!

LOVE the yarn colors! :inlove:

Cuteness! I can’t wait to see it finished!

And modeled!

That’s looking great so far!

Adorable!!! Love the colors! You are doing a fantastic job, WTG :thumbsup:

Looking great so far - those colors are wonderful!

Looks Great! :inlove:

Lovely! It’s great how those sock yarns come up in baby sweaters. Can’t wait to see how this turns out.

Lovely colours! Can’t wait to see when its finished!

Gorgeous! I’ve wondered what sock yarn would look like knit into something else–the striping is turning out nicely! Like everyone else, I can’t wait to see the finished piece, on a model, of course :wink:

thats so cute! Liking the colours too :slight_smile:

Hi Ladies

I found the same pattern for free at this site.


Laura C

OMG>>>that is soooo cute.

Just what i needed something else on my list to knit…lol


Thanks for the link Emeraldcutie. That is similar to the pattern I am doing. My pattern is done sideways. The sleeves are done in the round so there is no seaming. Then the front and back is done at the same time. Then is sewn together at the back. I am on the right side of the front and back. Hope to be close to finishing by the weekend. I will post a picture when I am done.

Well I finished. :happydance:

Am I am happy with the outcome. This pattern had several different techniques. Using dpns for the sleeves and using two ciruclar needles at the same time. I also did the kitchener stitch which I had not done before and I think it went well. :smiley: I haven’t sewed the buttons on yet because I am not sure if I like them.

Also I think I need to block the sweater. I haven’t done any blocking, so I am a little nervous about this step. :pray:

Here is a picture of the front

and a picture of the back showing the seam using the kitchener stitch.

Excellent job! Its very beautiful!