WIP - Rick Rack Purse

This was a fun knit! I hope the felting process goes easily… but that will have to wait till Christmas draws closer - this is a gift for my niece.

Thanks for looking!


Love those colors! What will you use for the ribbon? Is the purse a free pattern or one in a book?

Pretty! Those colors look lovely together!

The pattern is from KnitPicks. here.

oohh pretty!! :smiley: those are great colors you have there!! :cheering: :cheering:

Very cute! :cheering:

I love it :cheering:

POST FELT PICS, POST FELT PICS! I can’t wait to see it. LOVE the colors!

Love the colors! What a great gift.

Does anyone at your house have a boot drier? What my husband thought was his boot dryer turned out to be a great tool for drying felted bags :wink:

Mama Bear

Thanks everyone!

Kristen, I was trying to reply about the bag since last night but the site was being naughty, but I see someone has replied.

Hey Mamabear, nope… no boot dryer here - no dryer at all actually lol!

I’ll post felted pics as soon as I do it :happydance: I’m a wee bit nervous! I hope I don’t mess it up!

That’s so pretty! I really, really want that pattern!!

I really really want that pattern too! I love the colour wow. I need to learn the felting it looks like magic to me. This is going to be fantastic when felted. Is there an instruction on here how to do it?

Beautiful you should be very proud.

:hug: Sharon

Lovely!! :cheering:

Love it! :cheering: