WIP: Pink Baby Blanket. Now FO with Bunny Buddy

This is the Baby Blanket that I am working on for my DGD due in December. The yarn is Lion brand Pound of Love, and I am using size 10.5 needles in order to have a bigger blanket than the pattern gauge. The pattern is fun to do – after I figured it out. I had to frog the first 20 rows, but now it is easy to see how the pattern goes.

I have finished two pink sweaters and a white lacy blanket – will post pictures soon.

Ooo … preeetty! :wink:

I really like that pattern. It’s very pretty

Beautiful blanket—I’ve thought about making that but right now, there’s no babies to knit for (might make it anyway).


Very pretty!!! I have been eyeing that yarn-how does it feel knit up?


Just beautiful and I love the color…I have a new grandaughter due in December::woot: I can’t wait. I’m working on a blanket now in pink, maybe I will due one in white.
Is it knitting up quickly?

It is very soft. I am enjoying knitting with this yarn. It is knitting up quickly, but of course not as quick as the little sweaters, because there are so many rows. One tip from me: I copied the pattern rows into a Word file and made the font bigger. Also where it says ‘Row 19: repeat row 15’ (for instance), I copied out row 15. The pattern was a lot easier to follow.

That’s lovely…and I went to say it looks ultra soft and then saw your comment. It must be a pleasure seeing it all come together at this point! Good for you. :slight_smile:

Very pretty!



Really beautiful. I’m sure it’s great to see it all coming together.

That pattern is so cute! What great yarn too!

I’m actually working on the same pattern. I hope mine turns out as good as yours!

Beautiful!! and what a lovely shade of pink-I bet you can’t wait to meet your new grand-daughter! :slight_smile:

That’s beautiful! :inlove:

Thanks, everybody. I now have only one repeat (36 rows) to go, and I will be done! The only problem is I am bored with the pattern now. I have started a little baby cap and will get back to the blanket when I finish the cap – maybe tomorrow. I love the way the blanket is turning out, though.

Beautiful blanket! Can you tell me the dimensions it is turning out to be with the 10 1/2 needles? About how many ounces of the worsted weight yarn?

It is 32 in. wide, and will be about 40 in. long when I finish. (Instead of 28 x 36 in the pattern gauge.) I actually don’t like using the 10.5 needles – I feel like I have to knit tight with them, so for the next blanket I will use size 10 needles. The Lion Pound of Love makes one blanket, with yarn left over. I also did the 5-hour baby sweater and the Presto-Chango sweater with the same pink yarn, and I just started the second ball on the last repeat.

Thanks for the compliments.

Look great! I did a mint green one that I (finally) finished in June of that same pattern :slight_smile: I really like it!

Thank you, Aprilbetty! I just bought 5 skeins of pink Bernat Satin with this pattern in mind, so it sounds like it will be enough. (17 1/2 ounces) I appreciate the suggestion to use size 10 needles–that’s what I have always used for worsted baby blankets so they will feel just right! I may add one repeat to the center to compensate. The problem I had when I tried this pattern before was actually with the edging. I understood it for the border, but when you get to the main body, I didn’t know how to fit in the repeats when the edge has less stitches than the pattern repeat–do you know what I mean? I was thinking maybe I should try a simpler seed stitch. Did you have any problem with this or can you tell me how you handled it? I really want to learn to do this pattern, and I hope mine will turn out as pretty as yours!

I did not have any problem with the edging. The moss stitch is just like a simpler seed stitch except that on the wrong side you knit the knit stitches and purl the purls. Make sure you put a marker on each side to mark the edges (7 stitches on each side). The only other thing is that the first stitch is always a knit stitch (on the right side) and then the moss stitch starts.

The problem I had was the way the pattern is written for the main repeats. (As I said earlier, I had to frog it once.) But then I realized that the diamond pattern just slides over one stitch (on every right side row) and there are 5 purl stitches in between each diamond. Does that make sense?

BTW I have finished my blanket! I will block it, and then post another picture. It is 32 x 40 in.