WIP - Navy Wool Purse

I made this pattern up, and the yarn that I used was recycled from a sweater I bought at Value Village!! So there are you yarn and pattern specs. :lol:

I made the handle first, it is double thick. I wanted to do it with cables so did it double so that it would look nice and the outside and the inside. I knitted it in the round with a provisional cast on, then when I went to start the main body of the purse I just knitted the two ends of the handle right into the first row of actual knitting. I used short rows on each side to kind of round the areas where the handles are. Then a trim of seed stitch, a seed stitch closure flap (which needs a button still), a few increases down the sides and voila!

I’ve decided that I’m going to lightly felt it because I’m not too happy with how tight the knitting came out. I should have done it double stranded because I do have enough. I thought that doing it on a size 6 needle would make it tight enough but it really isn’t. So it’s either felt it a bit, or line it, and I definitely prefer the felting option!

Here are the pictures so far. One of the whole thing, and another close up of the cable handle. I’m sorry the pics are so bad, our camera is horrible. I wish it came out better but here ya go! :smiley:

I only see one photo, but it’s a beautiful purse! Have you been knitting a long time? I can’t wait till I can just make up stuff! :?? :roflhard:

Sorry, I was in the process of editing the first picture. It came out way too big when I first posted it, you must have caught me right at the wrong time. I hope you look again!

I have only been knitting since February. I get bored with regular patterns so I either majorly alter existing patterns, or invent my own stuff. There are a few things I’d change about this particular pattern if I made it again, for instance, I’d make the strap longer if I’d known how big the bag part would end up! But you never know unless you try.

Thanks for the compliments. :smiley:

REALLY cute, KQ!!! :cheering:

That is a great bag. Love the cabled handle!

purse is beautiful! ?? Is that knittinghelp.com on the computer screen in the background? :XX:

Great job! I love the cable handle.