WIP - Log cabin floor mat

So my next thing is using up this bag o cotton I got at Goodwill for $1.99 to make a kitchen floor mat for in front of the sink. (My 10 year old is doing the dishes and he’s become a sort of slob :rollseyes: ) so I’m mkain log cabin squares till it looks big enuf. I’m using big needles and I’m holding three strands so it’ll be nice and thick.

Loooooooove those colors! :heart:

Oooh, I love the colors too! I can’t wait to see the FO! :inlove:

That is such a great idea! I’ve got some bulkier sort of cotton odds & ends (also from Goodwill!) I was thinking of using for pet snuggles, I think I’ll do them log cabin style!

Great idea…can’t wait to see the FO!

Cool!!! great idea! leftovers can be used for a matching dishcloth!

fun, sounds like it will be fabulous, and who could resist with a price like that

Oh that looks cool! any chance you can explain to me how to do log cabin style? it looks awesome and I’d love to give it a try. :slight_smile:

Well I got my inspiration from the book Mason-Dixon Knitting. They suggest you start with a center piece. cast on like 20 sticthces and knit in garter stitch for a little more than 20 so it makes a rectangle. like 24 or 25 sts. Then bind off on a right side row which leaves one st in the upper left hand corner. With hte right side facing you, trun work clockwise so that when you look at it that singel st is on the far right hand side. Then pick up sts along that side and knit 9 or 10 rows still in garter. Bind off on a right side, trun work to the right facing you so the last BO stch is on the right again then pick up sts again and knit another 9 or 10 rows. Keep going like that till you get to desired size. With each new section picked up, use a new color. That’s it!

Now I’m knitting with three balls at a time so its really thick so I’m not doing the same number of rows cuz it’ll get too huge too quick. But that’s the cool thing about log cabin, you can modify however you need to. So here’s some more work in progress. You can see how each strip grows from the previous one.

Really neat! It’s great how you can modify that pattern to suit whatever you’re making.

Great work so far fem! And such colorful, practical knit!

Um…Goodwill has yarn? :shock: