WIP-Irish Hiking Scarf

I decided as a reward for succesfully completing a sock I got to try cables. This pattern is infinitely easier than I thought it would be :happydance: I’m using Caron’s simply soft because I love how it feels and it is cheap, so if it doesn’t turn out no biggie but if it does it still feels great!

As you can see, there a bunch of mistakes in the beginning, but instead of frogging I decided to keep going and it’s getting way better :heart: And yes that is my cat’s paw in the top left corner by the needle, as soon as a needle hits the table he has to try to kill it :tap:

That is just beautiful. I love that pattern. The color is gorgeous!

:notworthy: :notworthy: :muah: It looks beautiful!!! I love cables!!! You’re doing such a great job. :muah:

So pretty so far! I love that colour!

Very, very nice!

Great job! That is beautiful!

Looks great…aren’t cables fun??


Oh how funny! I’m using Caron SS for that same pattern. I chose the light blue color. I guess I always seem to have to copy the original picture from the pattern. :teehee:

Great Job! I really like the color, too.

Great job!! I’m working on that scarf, too. It is much easier (and more fun!) than I thought it would be.

Very nice! :cheering:

Thanks guys :hug: I really like the way it’s working out, I think I might do the whole 2 skeins to make it nice and long

I love it :cheering: I’m working on the same scarf and I’m no where near as far along as you. I do love knitting it though