WIP - Irish Hiking Scarf - Continued

It’s coming along slowly as I can only knit on it a little here and there as I get the time, but I wanted to show the effect of the Caron Shadows yarn at this point.

Mason - you are really doing a great job on that scarf. I love the Caron Shadows yarn you are using. Great colorway.

Wow, I’ve only seen this pattern in a single color, and I really love the effect that your yarn is having! Great choice, for sure :smiley:

Very nice!!! I like how the colors are showing up!!

Looks great! It looks like you aren’t having any flaring at the cast-on edge. The first one I made, I thought that by putting a seed stitch border would help with the flaring, but it didn’t. The next one, I started with fewer stitches, but it still flared. Did you make any modifications?


Hi Mason!!
That is Beautiful!! I can’t wait until I can make something like that…:frowning: I’ll keep practicing…


That looks great! I love how the yarn looks in it.

That is looking awesome, Mason!

That looks great!!! I love the colorways :cheering:

ooohhh, that’s looking very pretty - and I mean that in the manliest way possible :teehee:

It looks great!

I need that yarn - very rich looking. It looks awesome :D.

Nope, I knit it exactly as the pattern indicated, but I did do a pretty tight cast on as I’ve discovered that helps with such things.

Thanks everyone. I am really liking this yarn and plan to use it for some future projects as well.

I think it would make a pretty cool looking knit tee shirt, almost tie dye effect (but maybe a tad thick :rofling:).

Wow, I haven’t seen that yarn worked up. That is going to be a really nice scarf and you are doing a great job on it. Thanks for sharing!

I made a clapotis in the red shadows for my not quite step daughter, but didn’t care for how it turned out in that color combination. Being a non knitter, she was thrilled. I’ve been eyeing the green and blue, just need to figure what I can talk myself into making with them…


Thank you, Mason! I forgot to tell you, I really like the effect the yarn has on the cables.


I really like that. It’s one of the coolest-looking IHSs I’ve seen.

Shouldn’t you change the title from WIP to RIP Mason? I really love the colour changes in that wool. Adds interest without detracting from the pattern like some colour changes do. It’s a really good choice for the pattern. You’re using the same wool again for the scarf yeah - not starting it in a different wool?