WIP/FO - baptism dress, UPDATED on page 2

Here it is so far…and the time crunch is on! I’m going to have to be knitting non-stop this week to finish knitting, sew the seams, and sew the hem before DD’s baptism on Sunday. Please send good thoughts my way so that my fingers can fly! :teehee:

I’ve made some changes to the pattern, including the back opening. Now I think I should’ve done garter stitch on the edges of the back opening so that it wouldn’t curl. Or I should have put in more than 1 eyelet opening for a button (I just made 1 up near the top). Maybe I should sew in a little velcro to help it stay shut/lay flat? :shrug:

Here is a picture of the dress on the cover of the pattern. I changed the skirt part of the dress to be a feather and fan pattern.

That is beautiful, Lisa! :heart:

It’s gorgeous, Lisa Kay!

That is cute. You must post a pic of you DD in it.

Beautiful! Can’t wait to see a finished pic.

So pretty!!! What a wonderful heirloom!

Very beautiful WIP! :heart:

That is gorgeous!!! Great work!

Beautiful work! What a lucky baby…

That is totally precious! You’re a very ambitious mom to be knitting for your DD’s baptism.

that is just lovely- the velcro idea could help- I’ve seen soft, small width velcro at JoAnn’s…

Thanks for the nice feedback everyone!

I’m down to the wire now. I’ve got the rest of today and tomorrow to knit/seam/hem like crazy. I think I’ll make it…

I’m finishing up the front, then have to seam and hem. I know…Yikes! How much sleep do I really need between now and Sunday? :teehee:

That’s beautiful!

Well, it’s still technically a WIP because it’s not completely finished, but I got enough of it done so DD could at least wear it on Sunday. :happydance:

I spent an amazing amount of time knitting last week, and gave up more and more sleep as the week progressed, but it was just too much to get done by Sunday. I’m still very happy with how far I did get, and now the pressure is off so I can take the time to finish it without rushing.

After sewing the shoulder seams and doing the neckband, I decided that it was just impossible to finish all of the seams and hems by Sunday morning. So I did the hem around the neckline, left the sleeves off for the time being, and basted the side seams together so DD could wear the dress. And the bottom of the dress did a cute little roll-up, so nobody knew it wasn’t hemmed yet.

I love how it looks on her, even if it is incomplete. She wore a sweater over it, so nobody could even tell it was sleeveless, and the few people who did notice thought it was meant to be that way. I got quite a few compliments, which always feels good. People were amazed. Even my DH told me how impressed he was and that he thought it was beautiful, which is HUGE coming from him.

And I have to say, I am rather impressed with myself. This is my biggest (almost finished) project yet.

I need to be sure to say another big thank you to MaryS for her help with proofreading my pattern changes and checking my math. :muah:

And now the pix…

(Blanket was knitted by DD’s grandma.)

Oh my goodness :heart: I just want to squeeze her!! It looks so good and she is such a doll. You should be very proud!

Beautiful. It looks wonderful on her and thank you for sharing the pics with us.

wow everything is so pretty! she is adorable, i love her red hair! what a doll :heart: i love the neckline, very cute

Absolutely PRECIOUS!!! :heart:
My great project in the sky is a baptism gown…got the yarn, needles and pattern just waiting for cast on.
Your feverish work to get this done reminds me about a yr ago Feb. the night before our Godson’s christening. I had started the blanket I wanted to do as a gift weeks before but was only half done and for some reason the patter was just kicking my hiney. I worked on it all day Saturday and through the night. I got done with just enough time to shower and go to church with dh and stand up with my sil and bil’s sister and her husband who was the other set of godparents. Needless to say, I went home after lunch and to bed at 3 and was a shakey wreck that monday am. Been a long time since I pulled an all-nighter where I actually worked on something rather than goofed around. :teehee:

Stunning! Great job! I think it’s beautiful sleeveless, actually. :slight_smile:

Each is SO beautiful!!! :heart: