WIP flower washcloth

I began this a few days ago. The petals were very easy but knitting them together in the round is difficult because the inner circle keeps getting smaller while more of the needle is exposed. Any suggetions? Thanks. Ren

You’ll either need to switch to a shorter cable needle and then eventually dpns (or go right to dpns if the diameter is small enough) to decrease it all the way.

It’s looking great!

I love that pattern…I must get the book :thumbsup:
You will need to change to dpns, as Vicki suggested, or 2 circs, I think.

I use my Denise circs when I make these. It is not 16" but 17". I usually have to change to dpns on row 10 of the center. I used 5 dpns on the last one I made and switched to 4 when I didn’t have so many stitches. This worked better that using 4 dpns.

Looking great so far!

Cute! :thumbsup: