WIP first sock

Knit with 2.5mm needles and Austermann Step yarn I got from sig in the New Year swap, with Silver’s sock tutorial guiding me through - it’s looking almost like a sock now! I may have caught the sock knitting bug…

Ok, can’t get the pictures to work, they’re on my blog.

Thanks sig!

Looks great! Aren’t socks fun? What colourway is that? I’m using Austermann Step right now too, but it’s not that pretty.

Nice job! Welcome to the addiction that’s called sock knitting!

:thumbsup: Great job!! Socks are very addicting!!

Are you having troubles with the pictures cause of the size? Hereis a thread on tips to resize the photos :happydance:

I’ve been using color 0028 knitgal, it’s a really lovely color-way! I’m definatly tempted to get some more in different colours once I’ve used up this ball. Sock knitting has me hooked!

It was photobucket that was making things difficult dustinac, but resizing them will help once Iget that darned system to take them!

yey! someone else who id only knitting their 1st sock! i only started mine 2 nights ago and i caught the knitting bug. i am now almost finished! good job!:yay: