WIP: Fiery Dragon Scarf FO: Clogs for brother

So I finished these clogs for my brother whom I’m visiting next week. We’ll felt them to fit there at his place; I think he’ll be amazed at the shrinky-dink factor. There are three colors used. Black and “New Denim” by Patons and the grey throughout was upcycled from a sweater. Don’t worry, I did a swatch to make sure they’d felt well together. :wink:

Also, I’ve been working on the Fiery Dragon Scarf. The pattern was written by a KH gal, Brooke Hanna and the pattern can be found at http://www.funknitsforkids.com I’m now working on the “accessories” like the mouth, ears and what not. The two pieces for the head are a little different in sizes due to the different yarns used, but I’m sure it will look just fine in the end. BTW, finding varigated green is NOT an easy task. This was the closest I could find and I just cut off the really pink parts and rejoined the yarn. I’m thinking the pink parts could be used for the ears or maybe eyes.

Wow, the clogs are gonna be really pretty when they’re felted! And I love the dragon scarf pattern - can’t wait to see the finished scarf.

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

I think that scarf will be really cool~

Nice! I like the yarns you’ve chosen for them!

Lovin’ :heart: :heart: the dragon scarf to death~ :notworthy:

Great Job! I like the Caron Simply Shadows. I have 15 skeins of it just waiting to turn into a sweater or something! The different sizes should work themselves out when you seam the scarf. I guess I should add dark green or vareigated green for the top of the scarf ;). Can’t wait to see it finished!

WOW! Those scarves are soo cute! My boys might even want to wear them, LOL! Please post pics of the finished objects too-the clogs are going to be great too, those colors are so pretty!