WIP: Entrelac wrap

Wow, that is stunning! I can’t wait to see it finished.

That is an absolutely gorgeous color combination!:yay:You’ve made me add entrelac to my ever longer list of things to learn!:knitting:

Beautiful and such a nice job too! You are going to have a family heirloom when you are finished I think! Keep up the good work.

Gorgeous! I can’t wait to see it finished, either! As putzy as seed stitch is to knit, I love how it looks, so I do make stuff with it! I love seed stitch borders on dishcloths.

Wow, Great job! Looks lovely.

Best wishes on the move! Berkely huh?

Wow… I actually spent a day there at a demonstration MANY MANY years ago! On my honeymoon no less. Of course everyone thought I was SO commited to the cause to be there on my honeymoon, truth was… our waterpump went out and our best man agreed to help my husband fix it if I went in his place with his girlfriend to the demonstration :roflhard:

Mama Bear

Absolutely beautiful. Love the colors!