WIP: Entrelac wrap

I’m back after a looong hiatus of a few months - I can’t even remember the last time I posted, and I sure have missed y’all. I’ve been just a leeetle bit swamped, what with job hunting/interviewing/accepting/packing/moving out, all while working full-time on the road.

It ain’t over yet, but I was jonesing to knit to calm my fretful nerves (see above). While I was travelin’ f/NC and in LA, my very good friend V took me to a yarn store in Long Beach where I got the pattern below, designed by one of the store employees.

Nice variation of the Lady E! 12 inches down, 60 more to go. Thank goodness I’m enjoying the process. Thanks to a friendly person at the LYS, I learned entrelac AND backwards knitting. Now, does anyone know how to do backwards seed stitch?? :wink:

Seriously. :shrug:

Is that knit in garter stitch on some of the blocks, or moss st? It looks textured. The colors are great!

Nuknitter, it’s beautiful! I love the colorway and the texture created in the modified entrelac. I be looking for the FO!

simply gorgeous


I am AGAIN reminded of why I love this forum - being able to present a work that y’all [B][I]totally get[/I][/B]. Love it!! Thank y’all!! :muah:

Details: (this is the only pattern EVER that I’ve knit and am going by the book - using the prescribed yarns, no mods to the pattern/size, etc.)

Yarns: Lamb’s Pride Worsted, Prairie Fire, Noro Silk Garden “Reds”

Yes, the entrelac is done with the alternating seed stitch (k1p1, etc.) on one row of diamonds, and stockinette in the other.

I honestly canNOT wait to see how this looks finished - the sample in the store totally sold me. And this has me also searching out other yarns/colorways that would be much softer next to the skin (helloooo alpaca/silk) - maybe in a teal next time?? :wink:

It’s beautiful! I will have to try seed stitch on my next entrelac scarf!!!

That’s gorgeous!

Very, very pretty!

That’s absolutely stunning! I can’t wait to see the finished wrap. The colours are gorgeous.

Oh this is beautiful, I cannot stop looking at it. I so love the yarns that you have used.:heart:

Wow, its beautiful!:heart:

very pretty and love the seed stitch :happydance:

Well, I don’t know how to do either, but looking online, I found a page that illustrates how to knit and purl backwards…so using both alternately, wouldn’t that be seed stitch backwards?

Just a thought…


:thumbsup:Oh, that’s pretty! :inlove: Great job

Thank you, everyone, for the props!! :hug: I’m trying not to run outta steam on this one - it’s actually my “Hope” wrap. I call it my Berkeley Dreamer - I knit and dream about my new life in the East Bay of CA, and all the things I want to achieve there. First thing came true, w/the new job :wink: Wish me luck on the rest…

ElenTikvah, you [B][I]ROCK!! [/I][/B] That site is actually an improvement on what I was doing for knitting backwards, and yeah, that purling backwards will totally help. I’ll totally use it. Unfortunately my ol’ Mac won’t be able to read those videos (Windows Media), but I’ll soon have a new one that will, yaHOOOO!! :cheering:

Beautiful wrap, love the colors. :woot:

Here is a link to how to knit and purl backwards. I guess to do the seed stitch you would just alternate these stitches. :shrug: Haven’t tried it, but seems logical. :slight_smile:

I didn’t see the other post above.

Whoops! Haven’t checked in a while, but looks like you (Merigold - great name, BTW) and Tik were exactly on the same track.

[I]THAT [/I]is why I come to KH - for the friendliest, supportivest help around :wink:

I’m going to try backwards seed stitch this weekend in a spare moment, 'cause I’m visiting a bud w/a PC (vs. Mac) - I can see the videos, YEAAA!! Those nearby might want to back away - it’ll be a bit like being novice knitter again…

That will be absolutely stunning when completed. Keep up the great work.

It’s beautiful! Love the different textures!