WIP: Earth, Wind & Fire: Mitered Squares Blanket

I purchased the Mitered Crosses Blanket pdf pattern over at Rav. I love the design, and the $5 pdf goes to charity, mainly Japan Relief for all of 2011. Y’all might know how to do mitered quarters, but the directions tell you how to connect 4 of them together, and also how to set yourself up for the 3-needle join.

Anyway, I decided NOT to formulate the cross, just because I want my squares to be more colorful, and less of the neutral borders surrounding the colorful squares.

Twelve done, twelve to go. Each square will have a neutral, log cabin style border added.

These squares are addictive!

The colors are gorgeous and look like great fun to play around with. I can’t wait to see how you put the squares together. It’s always a delight to see what you are up to.

The blanket turned out very pretty.

Once again, that’s really beautiful. :heart:

I think this would be a great way to use up scrap yarn!! I can’t wait to see the finished product!

You are so creative. I’m sure the finished projects will be fabulous, as always! :slight_smile:

ooooh, beautiful!!!

Twelve squares done! Twelve to go.

[B]EARTH, WIND & FIRE[/B]…my blanket squares represent soil, sands, sun, rock, lava, water, grasses, leaves, pines, bark, berries, wild flowers…natural, earthly elements.

Oooo I love it, Dollyce!:inlove:

Beautiful! Reminds me of the collection of tiles in our local clay cafe. Each one is beautiful and together they create this wonderful mosaic.

Look at you go! You are a knitting machine, my friend! It’s going to be lovely when it’s finished!

and those would be all of my very favorite things!! :smiley:

great blanket!

Just beautiful and they also remind me of tiles from my New Mexico days. Can’t wait to see it all together.

I’ve been working on these “tiles” while two of my granddaughters are staying with us for two weeks! Easy work while watching movies, or sitting outside in the shade while they carry on! BTW, on several afternoons they’ve been knitting, too! Newbie knitters…size US15 straights (10")…garter stitch…chunky yarn. They’re doing great!

Wish I had a granddaughter to pass knitting skills to. I have two grandsons, 11 and 4 and the 11 year old is a geeky techie, into scouting, running, learning instruments, and swimming. He doesn’t sit still long enough to learn to knit. I think the squares are just wonderful and wouldn’t this make a great wall hanging as well as an afghan/blanket. Love the colors too as I am a big fan of the southwest, my husband grew up in Las Cruces, New Mexico. :slight_smile:

Gorgeous! Additive? It looks like one of those projects that for me would be fun to do, but I’d be glad to see it over with too. :lol: So they are supposed to be set together to form some sort of cross? I like the way you are doing it.

The original ‘mitered crosses’ blanket isn’t achieved by the way the squares are set together. The ‘cross’ is formed by using the neutral colorway for the corners of the mitered ‘squares’. I didn’t. I used the colorful Kureyon for all 4 quarters of each mitered squares.

I love the original blanket, too, but it’s A LOT of cream! I wanted to see more of the vibrant colors, therefore I entirely “filled in” my squares with the colorful Kureyons!

http://m.flickr.com/lightbox?id=5540287878 (click link, it shows a close up of a mitered cross square)