WIP baby sweater

Just got the news a few days ago that the first grandchild is on the way! So now I am planning a baby sweater. It will be a raglan cardigan in colorwork. I have made several swatches to work out the design and here is the last one. I only am making very minor changes to this for the actual cardigan.

The colors in the picture are pretty good, but they are prettier in real life.
The yarn is the bare superwash merino from Knit Picks. I dyed it and I am hoping to knit it with steeks because I don’t like the way the edges are coming out and I don’t want to deal with all the ends with so many color changes. What is better for superwash: machine sewn or crocheted steeks?

That is going to be amazing… needs to be worn for one of those ‘portrait’ photos that are always taken of babies. :happydance:

Beautiful! I love the colors you’ve chosen & the pattern too. Lucky baby.

How pretty!

That’s going to be one beautiful baby sweater!

This is coming along pretty well. The steek had holes in the middle and looked like a mass of ends on the inside:

I tested crocheted and sewn steeks on the swatches and decided that the sewn would be better for this project. I sewed two seams close together and cut one stitch out from the seams. I picked up stitches about 1 stitch in from the sewing. It turned out pretty nice.

Here is how it looks from the front. I only have the sleeves left to do.

:inlove: that is going to be awesome!!

Congratulations on the wonderful news and the sweater looks beautiful - you are very talented! :hug: