WIP: Baby Love Diagonal Baby Blanket

I have just started this project, the yarn was delivered late yesterday afternoon. I must say that Lion Brand is a super speedy shipper, I had my order in less than 1 week, and I used their standard shipping option.
I am using the “Pound of Love” yarn as per the pattern, and the US size 8, 24" circular needles. This is flying off my needles, I am already close to having 100 stitches of the 207 in the pattern.
This is my first baby blanket, baby anything for that matter. I am still a beginner, having made a simple triangular shawl, some dishcloths, and a garter stitch lap robe before starting this project.

I made this blanket with this yarn and loved it. Mine was pale yellow. You’re doing a great job, and I love your color.

I just noticed that you’re from SC. I grew up in Florence and still have parents and siblings there.

It’s a lovely color! Great job!

Thank you both, I chose this color for my grandson, something besides the traditional blues for baby boys.

I’m working on this same blanket for a co-worker who is expecting. Don’t you love how easy the pattern is?

I’m about 90 rows in. I would be further along, but I am working on a pair of socks as well.

i love the color! i made this blanket in pale blue a little while back.

What a pretty color! Great job so far!

Love that color! You are moving right along… you’re fast!

Good job! You’re working fast. I love the look of garter stitch, and your color is pretty.

I’m worked to over 100 rows so far, I’d be much farther along if I could just knit without looking!:shrug: I know I’ll get there one of these days, in the mean time I’ll be listening to the tv, and catching the occasional glance at the screen while I knit. Got to run, the baby is due in Oct., and I’ve just started knitting for him. Thanks for all the nice comments, they help me keep going, and right now I can use all the help I can get. More about that later in a different topic area.:verysad: