WIP - Baby Cardigan

I babysat for my sis’s baby last night, and used the opportunity to have him try on the sweater I’m making for his bday next week. I have one sleave left (I finished the sleave that is shown on the DPNs last night). Isn’t he a cutie! He’ll be 1 :smiley: . BTW - the sweater is the free top down cardi pattern from Knitting Pure and Simple.

He’s a cutie! And the sweater is awesome! Please show us a piccie when you’re done :smiley:

He’s adorable and the sweater is wonderful! I have two Knitting Pure and Simple patterns, but didn’t know they had any free! I just downloaded the cardi! Thanks!


Way too cute, the cardie and the baby! Looking good, can’t wait to see the FO.
It that yarn sparkly? I luuuuuuuve sparkly yarn!

Ohhhh, I love babies and baby’s knitted things. Very cute :heart:

:smiley: He’s so cute in his little sweater!! What a great auntie you are :thumbsup:


I can’t seem to find the free pattern on her website. Could someone help me or is is allowable to email the pattern to me since it was free at one time (presuming it is no longer available free).