WIP: Armwarmers

This is my first pair of armwarmers, and they’re also my first time doing cables, so it’s an interesting experience. I’ve got the first glove done (yay!), and now I just have to cast on the second and get that done, then I can wear them to class in the cold Virginia mountains :slight_smile:

The right one, ignoring the silly mistakes on the cabling:

It’s going to be interesting to flip the pattern for the left glove, but I’m getting some help, so I’m not too worried about it. Yet.

Oh, and the pattern is here if anyone’s interested. :slight_smile:

Oh wow! Those are totally cool! :thumbsup: I mean, [COLOR=Red]warm! [/COLOR]:teehee:

Thanks, I think they’re pretty spiffy too. :wink:

WOW very nice!! I love the pattern!!:cheering: :cheering:

Lovely pattern, and it looks like you’re doing a great job. I love them!

Great job!!! Looks like they are going to be warm and beautiful!

Thank you, everyone! I’m stoked about these.

I’ve gotten the left glove cast on and have started the seed/cabling pattern. I’ve got about two or three inches on the needles, so there’s a way to go, but thankfully it goes pretty quickly. I hope to have these done by the middle of next week :slight_smile: