Winding yarn in a ball

Hi, I just viewed the video Amy provided on how to roll your yarn into a ball. I always fight my yarn… chasing it around lol. Do many of you use this technique? thanks! :XX:

YES, YES, YES! Do it !

I used to chase my ball around like a cat, not anymore, and it works sooo great.

I love winding yarn now! Woo Hoo! You will too!

That perfectly decribes me! Thanks for the heads up on the video. I will be using this way now and showing my Gram. She’ll love it! :thumbsup:

I wrap mine around and empty prescription bottle (one of the longer ones). I take the cap off, tuck some yarn inside, recap, and start wrapping. When you are done, slide the bottle out and you have a pull out skein. Works wonderful!


thanks! I know what I will be doing tonight lol. :sunny:

Cool… hope I can remember these ideas until I get home from work … :cheering: wonder if they would notice if I left now :figureditout:

yeah i just wind it around…for some reason the center pull balls bug me…i guess i just don’t like them collapsing in on themselves. Mostly i don’t care if the yarn falls off the couch or whatever. if i am out and about and knitting the yarn stays in my bag and i just knit out of there so just winding them the “regular” (for lack of a better word) works okay for me. if i had kids and animals around the house i probably wouldn’t be so free with my yarn …lol

oooh…when i was at mom’s for Mother’s Day i brought the dog in and he decided that was a good time to start playing with all the yarn that was sitting on the floor. i swear he thinks he is a cat! rotten little mutt! :wink:

ooh and something i learned from the Lion newsletter the other day (and can’t believe i didn’t think of) i am now wrapping the yarn around one of the wrappers so that when i get to the end of the yarn or project i still have the tag there ready with any info that i may need

My mom use to do that … back when the yarn all had to be rewound into a ball… I use to hold my hands up for what seemed like hours (to a kid) while she wound it up… I think she used that to have me as a captive audience… get me to talk to her lol. Funny how you forget those little things … thanks for the reminder :slight_smile:

I just LOVE Amy’s center pull ball method! I find that winding the ball is almost as relaxing as actually knitting!

I use a really big vitamin bottle to wind around and then I can put my hand thru and knit from my wrist.

The prescription bottle, the vitamin bottle: Such good ideas! cool…

I just recently started winding my own center pull balls too and I love it!!! The best part (I think) about it is that I can see and feel all the yarn I’ll be working with and if there’s a knot I cut it out and make another ball.

I’ll have to try the prescription/vitamin bottle thing too.