Will try not to hyperventilate will cut steeks-update I've cut Steeks-HELP

i began crocheting my steeks. by mid afternoon on sunday they should be ready to cut. (i’m reaaaally slow crocheter) i’m trying not to get scared. i read and re-read eunny’s instructions. i looked at ingrid’s 101. I really could have finished today but i slowed it down because i was scared. i really don’t have faith that it won’t unravel after i cut it. and it looks so pretty so far!

I will post pics in the morning. wish me luck.

Oh you are so much better than I for steeking. Good luck and plenty of pictures when done. :thumbsup:

I am definitely sending you good luck (although I am sure that you and your knitting will do just fine!) Let us know how it works for you. Post pics if you can. I know how you must feel because I have serious steek-o-phobia.

Take a deeeeeep breath. You didn’t knit with springs. The whole thing won’t explode. You can do this, grasshopper.

Even EZ says to lie in a darkened room for a few minutes after cutting your first steek. :teehee:


You can do it! I just recently cut my first steek and it all worked out
fine! Take a deep breath, use good light and small scissors and
cut away! :slight_smile:


It will work, I recently did my first steeked sweater, it is intact. I was extremely nervous after the months of work, but I survived. Go slow, follow instructions carefully, and you too can have steeked garments.:woohoo:

OMG! You guys are sooo brave! I must admit, I was lost as to what steeking was, but, I just looked up instructions…I was so scared I wanted to stop reading! :teehee: I don’t know if I will ever be brave enough to try that!

I wish you the best of luck and hope it turns out just fine!

How’d it go?!

I can crochet fast, but I would be SO scared of my work unraveling. But I"m not a brave soul some days.

Let us know how it went!

Yay for you!

OMIGOD I am still crocheting!! geez i wish i could crochet faster. granted i am going even slower than usual to make sure i do not pick up the purl loops in the back that i’m supposed to snip later. I’m making sure I am picking up every knit stitch in the front. But i must say my crochet is not pretty. good thing it gets hidden. i am definetly going to have to take another class. I only have about 4 more inches to crochet then I’ll be done crocheting and I’ll be ready to cut. Dang if i didn’t have to work today. I will be hyperventilating getting my self hyped up to cut. I went to the store and bought brand new scissors just to make sure that it will be sharp enough.

So i cut steeks. Some of them seem to be unraveling!!!:waah: :waah: i’m not sure what i did wrong. i did everything the instructions said. i don’t know if i should just keep going since i need to pick up stitches where its not unraveling or is there some way i can a reinforce. i’m so upset. :waah: :waah: I don’t know what to do. i loved the way it was coming out too.

oh no! Can you sew up beside where you crocheted just as a second
reinforcement? I’m so sorry!!