Will this work?

I am making a baby blanket, but decided to go with something I thought would look cool, rather than a pattern. My question is, will this work?

I decided to do a 5 row garter border along the top and bottom edge, and a 5 stitch garter border along the sides. The meat and potatoes of the blanket are this:

5 rows stockinette stitch
5 rows reverse stockinette

So, my pattern would look like this:

5 rows garter
K5, P90, K5
K5, K90, K5
K5, P90, K5
5 rows garter

As of now, it is curling with exception of the border. After I finish the blanket and block it, will it still curl just as bad?

Thanks in advance.

What kind of material is the yarn you are using?

Acrylic. I know that blocking won’t do much…but I have to have hope, right!!! I just don’t want to get to much farther along in the project until I know if it will be worth it. Thank you for your response.

If my pattern won’t work, I guess my next question would be:

What would work? I don’t like going off patterns just yet because I am still pretty fresh at reading them. I am looking for something that I can repeat or alternate easily that would make a nice blanket for a baby. Any suggestions?:shrug:

You could work blocks of stockinette and reverse stockinette between the garter border.

Cast on a multiple of 5, work the outer 5 on each edge in garter and work the middle stitches in blocks of 5 stockinette and 5 reverse stockette for 5 rows and then switch them.

Thank you so much…sounds like a plan!

I’m doing this in bright verigated baby yarn, 2 strands held together and I really like how it looks. Sort of like a “waffle” pattern. I didn’t want it too big; more like a blankie to use in a carseat.

Cast on an uneven multiple of 8. I cast on 104 stitches (8 x 13)
-Rows 1 through 12: K8 k1p1 four times, k8 repeat across.
-Rows 13 through 24: K1p1 four times k8, k1p1 four times repeat across.
Continue these 24 rows until your blankie is almost long enough, then repeat rows 1 through 12 one more time and bind off loosely.

You get a blanket with nicely scalloped edges, taking advantage of the natural tendencies of ribbing to suck in sideways and garter stitch to pull in top to bottom. I like it with the doubled yarn, it makes it a little “cushy”.