Will the Andalusian stitch pattern curl edges?


Hello – I would like to knit a throw for my sofa, and I think the Anadalusian pattern would be a nice one to use. I will be knitting flat on circular needles. The Andalusian stitch pattern I found uses four rows : knit first row; purl second row; knit 1, purl 1 (repeat until last stitch which is knit); purl fourth row.

Does anyone know if this pattern would curl the edges?

Thank you!


This is basically stockinette so yes, expect it curl.

I think a seed or moss stitch border would help and would compliment the pattern.


Ah, I see. I think the seed stitch would be better for me. Thank you.


I saw an afghan pattern that used seed stitch with the Andalusian pattern. It’s called The Easy Heirloom Knit Blanket (from Mama in a Stitch). She used 14 rows of seed stitch, then 20 rows of Andalusian stitch, with a 6 stitch seed st border on the sides.

Check out



Thank you! This is a beautiful blanket.


I made this once using a solid color throughout. Came out looking real nice too. So u don’t have to use 2 colors for this.



Yes, I think the patterns would look really nice in a solid color.


I really like that pattern.


Mama In A Stitch has a whole bunch of super easy patterns!! Be sure to check out all her free patterns!!!



Hello! I don’t mean to hijack this thread, but I also saw this gorgeous Mamainastitch pattern and would love to make it for my granddaughter. I can’t get hold of the Lion Brand Wool Ease bulky yarn in Wheat, though. Can anyone suggest a different yarn to use? I’m hopeless at figuring out substitutions :roll_eyes:. Thanks so much.


Lion Brand Wool-ease Chunky? Have you tried https://yarnsub.com/


Yes, I’ve looked at yarnsub but there are only a few near matches and none with similar colours. But I’m wondering about knitting it using a less chunky yarn where there may be more choice of colours. Do you think that could work?


Two strands of worsted weight comes close to chunky. You could try that out to see if you can get the pattern gauge. Worsted weight certainly expands the color choice.
What pattern are you looking at?


This one, I just love it!
I should mention that I live in New Zealand and mostly buy my knitting stuff online from overseas, but a lot of companies just don’t deliver here.

And this is the yarn:


Lovely blanket. Enjoy the kntting!


Thank you so much for your help :grinning: