Will I get the right size?

I want to start these gloves on Ravelry:
Cabled Fingerless Gloves by Kimberly Gintar

I’ve noticed that many people say they are a bit too big when done on US6 needles with a CO of 48 sts. People seem to be happy if they knit them on 6s with a CO of 40 or 44.
I tend to knit tight - usually I go up a needle size - so I’m wondering if they will turn out slightly smaller if I CO with US 5 and still use 48 sts. I’m a little wary of trying to work with the “wrong” number of sts because I can’t yet knit without following a pattern word for word. I’m also using a yarn that seems finer than malabrigo or cascade 220 wool, even though it’s worsted. I’m probably wrong. :shrug: I’m planning to use Moda Dea bamboo wool.

Will a swatch tell me if this is the right idea?? I understand how to check for gauge but I don’t know if this is the same as what I’m asking to do. Does someone have a good reference this kind of thing? I’m still trying to figure out all this needle changing and casting on diff st counts. :??

Thanks for your help…

Yes, knit a swatch (preferable simulating in the round) or just CO following the pattern. With a swatch you count the sts per inch you get, then divide the 48 sts by that to see how many inches around you get. It’s probably just as easy to start the gloves and knit then as you would, then after the ribbing and the start of the hand, try them on to see how well they fit.

BTW, the original calls for DK yarn, which works well with size 6. If people sub worsted weight for it, that may be why they came out too big, even using size 6s.

I agree with Suzeeq to cast on for the project and use that as your swatch. The worst that happens is that you rip it out and make adjustments and try again. The yarn is reusable.

Huh. I’m not sure how I missed that they’re in DK. Haven’t got any in my stash (as I have no stash to speak of) so I’ll try it in the worsted as written, but on smaller needles, and see what happens. Thanks for the advice! Hopefully I’ll have a nice FO photo to post soon! :slight_smile:

ETA: Or hmm… since I knit tight, maybe I should stick with 6s…

Just know that worsted knit on smaller needles may give you a very stiff knit. I’d be more inclined to advise you to knit it with 40 sts on a size 8, especially since you’re a tight knitter. You’ll just have 4 less stitches on either side of the cable pattern.

If you look at my sig, I just finished (last night - so it’s still in the OTN category) a set of fingerless gloves. They are cabled and in worsted weight.

I have small hands, so I went down a needle size and used a wool/silk blend rather than just wool. The fabric is plushy and soft, not too stiff.