Will I Get Strange Looks Knitting in Africa?

At the advice of Kelly, I’m starting my own blog, so here it is.

As some of you may already know, my family and I are re-locating to Nigeria, Africa for 4 years for my DH’s job. How funny will I be knitting in Africa where it is always HOT. There I’ll be with my box of yarn in 100+ degrees knitting away. Since knitting is my only hobby I’m sure I’ll get alot done and I’ll have lots of time to try new projects. I’m sure I’ll be joining lots of Knit Alongs.

It would be cool if we could have a local knitting meet-up before you leave, Dina!

Though I’ll understand if you are too busy getting ready to go. :wink:

Wow…I do remember reading that somewhere. :shock: When will you be moving? I was trying to find the average temps in Nigeria, but didn’t find them…

If it’s too hot to knit for yourself I guess you could do charity knitting at least! :wink:

That would be fun, we could meet up in the middle. :happydance:

It’s awfully hot in Texas, too, so you shouldn’t be too out of your element, at least compared to where I am.

I imagine you’d have to bring lots of stash in case there aren’t many yarn shops. Who knows, you may entrall the locals and become wealthy teaching the Africans how to knit! Bring lots of cotton.

I admire your willingness to go. I think I’d be too scared to move that far out of my comfort zone. :notworthy:

We should get the “official” word this week, we know he has a job, just don’t know which one yet. They had 3 or 4 different positions available. I’m hoping for Port Horcourt, Nigeria, rather than Warri. Warri is more isolated and has more military unrest. They want him no later than the end of October, so once the offical word comes in it will be a mad house trying to get everything packed and ready. I still need to get passports for me and the girls.

As far as the weather, it has 6 months of dry season and 6 months of rainy season. I think it’s humid much like Texas so it won’t be a big change for us. We heard most people have a hard time getting used to the humidity so we’ll have the upper hand on that.

We will be living at what they call a Camp for Shell Employees so we will be safe, it’s guarded and fenced. I’m still a little scared, it will be a huge change in lifestyle for us, but I think it will be a wonderful experience for us and the kids. An added bonus will be that we get to travel around Europe and I never thought I’d ever get to do that in my life.

I too am amazed that your family gets to take such a fabulous journey together! It does seem tough but you seem to be staying very positive about it! We’ll love to hear all your stories and see all your knitting - sounds like you’ll have lots of time! This will be a great experience for your girls!

If I had a big house and a fenced in yard I’d adopt your greys while you were gone! :heart:

It definitely is an opportunity of a lifetime, for sure. Very few people get to live in such a different culture. At the same time, though, you’ll have the familiarity of the Camp and people you can relate to. I hope you’ll be able to keep us posted from there.

That is a great attitude to have, Dina! You’ll do just fine! How many kids do you have or where you talking about the dogs… :??

Thanks, I’m sick about having to leave them.

I’ll be having a Blog called The Anderson’s African Adventure so we can share our experience with our family and friends. I’ll be sure to post the link here. I’ll post pictures etc. on it also.

We have two little girls, Jade is 6 1/2 and Lexi just turned 4.

What an experience this will be for them, too! They are just old enough to start to understand where it is and old enough for you to explain some cultural differences. I found a few books that might be of interest.

Africa for kids
Painted Warriors and Wild Lions

Thank you so much, I will have to get these books, they look great for the kids.

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: DINA!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

My DH had opportunities to travel when he was very young… his father worked for the airlines. He has SUCH a different view on the world, and I think its because of his varied experiences.

I also have a friend who was in the Peace Corps after college… she spent 2 years in Botswana in a small village, teaching english and building a school. She LOVED it.

Bring cotton and LINEN yarn, if possible… you can knit long skirts! I understood from my friend that she could have walked around topless without raising an eyebrow, but had she shown any LEG, she might have been arrested for prostitution!

Yay, Dina is in blogland now!!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Your time in Africa will no doubt be unsettling at first, but I’ll bet this experience ends up being a very positive one! I can’t wait to hear about your adventures there–the people, the food, the music, the art, all of it!

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