Will blocking help?


Hi, I have been reading lots of threads but this is my first post. I am knitting a shrug for DD in aqua acrylic yarn she chose, a Japanese

alternating leaf and stems Pick-a-Stich pattern I found on Pinterest. My swatch was too big so I knit it on smaller circular needles. It should be 38X 16 but is more like 40X 18. Will blocking help? I have a hand-held steamer for clothes.
Thanks for any guidance. KnitPraySing


Blocking will open up your beautiful lace work but I don’t think you’re going to make the shrug smaller. If the final dimensions are those you gave, it won’t be so much too large and possibly will fit well over other garments.

I hope there are other suggestions that are more helpful for your question.


Thank you very much. This is my first more lacy pattern., and not possible to watch a movie or talk while making it ( had to count and look at pattern a lot)
Apparently I am a loose knitter. Should I use an even smaller needle if I ever make this again?
I have already begun a simple baby blanket with a repeating pattern so it is not not necessary to consult a paper every few stitches, since we drove and are watching movies this Thanksgiving.
Again, I appreciate the advice.


Yes, if you use the same yarn, a smaller needle would work. I’m a loose knitter too and often drop down 2 needle sizes. You could also choose a lighter weight yarn and make a swatch to be sure of the gauge. Also, your knitting tension may change over time so even with the same pattern and yarn, it’s worth checking gauge.


Blocking ALWAYS helps but even more so in lace patterns.