Will an acrylic/wool blend scratch sunglasses?

For some reason, I’m wondering if a blend of acrylic (75%) and wool (25%) – specifically, Encore Worsted – will scratch sunglasses…I’m going to make DH a case for his sunglasses and I want to use yarn that I already have.

Also, if anyone knows any patterns for sunglasses/glasses cases, please feel free to post them!

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

I’ve never used that yarn, so mot sure if it will scratch, but there are several patterns here…


I have some Lion Woolease, same fiber composition, and it’s so soft I can’t imagine it would scratch.

I would guess they would, just about anything will. I use the 3M Microfiber wipes meant for cleaning glasses, between the dog hair and acrylic afghan fibers they pick up in the washer and dryer they readily scratch prescription glasses.

I’ve learned to hand wash them a dry them separate.

You could line the case with a 3M cloth, they’re dirt cheap.

It’s usually the dust and fibers that stick to fabrics that scratch glasses. I thought about suggesting lining with fabric. Orrrr, hey, there’s Lions Microspun, a microfiber yarn - that might work.

Thanks for all the suggestions and for the pattern links. :smiley: