Wildflower Patch Sweater

I finished my second Pure and Simple cardigan using Bad Sheep’s Wildflower Patch worsted yarn. I love this pattern with the only challenging part being the placement of the buttonholes. I decided that I didn’t mind if they were more haphazard than matching distance-wise; it lends a certain quirkiness to the finished product that I find refreshing (especially since undoing finished buttonholes is NOT on my bucket list)IMG_1524


Great looking sweater. You look wonderful wearing it.

I like the unconventional spacing of the button holes, and the yarn is gorgeous! Well done!

Thank you- this forum is my go-to place for all things knitting and its lovely, international community. You are always here and always encouraging and I so, so appreciate you.

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I thought the same thing about the button placing; I feel like it provides “character”. The yarn absolutely grabbed me when it appeared on my Facebook feed and I knew I just had to make something with it. The makers, Bad Sheep Yarn, are in North Pole, Alaska. This sweater was the first project I’ve made with their yarn and in the middle of working on it, I ordered a different colorway to make my next project (which I have just started). The yarn is high quality, they offer several different weights of each colorway and are extremely responsive. I highly recommend them.

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What a good idea with the buttons, it looks intentional. And I love the yarn, I’d be very happy if I’d knitted that.

Thank you for the kind comments and welcome to this forum - it’s the best. I cannot tell you how many times I have been stumped with questions or a recalcitrant pattern (me: “how could this make sense?”) and I always get an answer here. Everyone is lovely and helpful, you’ll see!

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