Wiggly/wrong side of knitting - can it be changed?

Hello oh lovely magical knitters! I’m a total newbie and this is my first post. Knitwise I’m only a few days old, learning from a combination of this site’s videos/my mother/my friend S. Basically, I’ve been practise knitting with Rowan Big Wool, which I adore the feel of. I’ve been doing basically a long rectangle which will one day be a scarf, using knit one/purl one.

It’s been going fine except that I find that I really don’t like the appearance of the ‘wrong’ side - not the one that looks like grains, the one that has a sort of bumpy wiggly pattern. This may be a totally naieve question, but is there a way of knitting - maybe a different stitch pattern or something - which means that both sides look like the ‘right’ side? Just anything to get rid of this wiggly bump effect, really … does ribbing result in the same both sides? And is it possible to make a scarf ribbed lengthways?

Any help appreciated, especially from such experienced people such as yourselves :slight_smile:


There are a few stitches that are reversible. Ribbing, like you mentioned, is a great choice. It’s great for a beginning for practicing alternating between knits and purls, too. A good one to start with would be 2x2 rib, which is knit 2 stitches, purl 2 stitches, and repeat. If you use a multiple of 4 stitches (4, 8, 12, 16, etc.) then every row would be K2P2. This is a good choice for a scarf.

Another reversible stitch pattern would be seed stitch. Seed stitch is K1P1 across. If you start with an odd # of stitches, you will K1, P1, etc. across every row. If you start with an even # of stitches, you will K1, P1, etc. across one row, and P1, K1 across the next row - then repeat these two rows and you will get seed stitch.

I just found this stitch library that actually has quite a few reversible stitch patterns:

Welcome to this site, and also to the world of knitting! :waving:

The bumpy side is the purl side and is always going to be the back of a knit row. On a sweater or hat, it’s usually inside so it doesn’t show. On a scarf it might, so you may want to consider using a stitch pattern that looks the same on both sides like knitqueen suggested.


If you make a scarf in the round, like a long tube, the knits all show on the outside–it’s just double thick.

I find that my 1x1 ribbing (1 knit, 1 purl) looks like stockinette on each side when knit at a firm gauge. To knit in a firm gauge, you would use needles slightly smaller than those reccomended for the yarn OR if your tension varies from that of the label, experiment with larger and smaller needles until you produce a fabric that you like.

Thanks for all your help, everyone, it’s wonderful to hear alternative suggestions from experienced people such as yourselves! Hehehe, sorry my gratitude is so late,I’ve been seriously busy getting back to college. I think I’ll try out that ribbing idea, it sounds like a good direction for me to go as my next woolly adventure :slight_smile: