Width maybe too wide.

Hi, I’m a beginner making my first mens jumper.
It has asked me to cast on 70 stitches 6mm knitting needle for a size small jumper(34 inches chest size). The gauge I’ve measure for an 8mm knitting needle for the pattern says 12 stitches x 20 rows. But when I measure my gauge it’s is 10 stitches x 20 rows. Currently the width of the jumper is measuring 29 inches wide which seems too big. Please could you advise, would I need to start again?

What is the name of your pattern and the designer?
The pattern gauge is 12sts per 10cm and you are getting 10sts per 10cm then you should go down a needle size or two. You want to get more sts/cm so the smaller needle will help with that.
Depending on the pattern, the row gauge may not be so important (but it might be!).
Is the sweater knit in the round or in pieces?

The sweater is worked in 4 pieces, back, neck and 2 sleeves. It does say any bulky or chunky 12ply yarn that can match the needle. But I know that the weight of the yarn is 100g. I don’t know if that help.

The name of the pattern is men’s sweater pattern (garter stitch) by Louise bollanos

What is the name of the yarn? What does the yarn say on the label, any # given (#3,#2), any description (chunky, bulky, super bulky), any stitches/10cm for the yarn itself? Posting a photo of the label front and back may help.

Thanks for the name. Great looking sweater.

OK, thank you. The yarn is certainly super chunky and, on average knits at 9sts/10cm in stockinette stitch (knit one row, purl one row). Garter stitch (knit every row) might give you fewer sts/10cm but the best thing to try is a swatch of about 20sts in garter stitch for about 10cm. See if you can come closer to the pattern gauge with a smaller size needle and still like the feel and drape of the knit fabric. You don’t want it to be to tight and stiff.
Getting 10sts/10cm is quite reasonable for this yarn. I’m not sure that you’re going to get to 12sts/10cm and still have the knit fabric you would like.

I have changed the yarn to a everyday chunky now so hopefully this would be thinner and work out better or a reasonable size. The super chunky would of meant I needed to cast on only about 48 stitches instead of 70 stitches.

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OK, try a swatch and see what you get. You can adjust the needle size and see if you still like the knit fabric, drapey but not too lacy or less drape but not too stiff. Let us know how it’s going.