Why start at the corner of a blanket/dish cloth

Just wondering…

I have not knitted any blankets or dishcloths or anything like that yet, but I have looked at a lot of patterns. I’ve noticed that most of the time the patterns instruct you to cast on something like 4 stitches and then increase and increase until you hit the center and then decrease, sort of knitting a diamond shape, if you will. Why not just knit a square or rectangle? I figure there must be a reason for this but I can’t figure it out!

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I don’t know if there’s a technical reason for it other than that it creates more of a diagonal look. Just whatever the designer preferred or the look they were going for, I guess.

When you look at the item “square” it makes the stitches appear diagonal, or on the bias, so it’s sort of a decorative effect. Just something a little different than plain-straight-across knitting.

I use a simple diagonal pattern for dishcloths. Gives them a little interest w/o taking too much time. I did a few of the detailed ones, but it seems to me that when you are using them and they are wet the pattern sorta disappears and besides…it’s a DISHCLOTH! :roflhard: However the dishcloth patterns are a good way to play with different patterns and learn some new techniques.

I guess it will be something I understand more when I do a dishcloth or a blanket, both of which are on my list of to-do items! :wink: Thanks, everyone. I appreciate the responses.