Why no to buy cheap yarn on sale for 99c a ball

I have this beatiful eyelash woo… i mean yarn - and it wasn’t balled properly and now it’s in a giant mess pile of knot on my table
anyone got the fast way to detangle yarn?


Just make sure you have a lot of time and a lot of patience… One knot at a time and you’ll eventually get there.

you can invite me over for a cup of tea
I go Monk on things like that


I was knitting with it and as so as it knotted i cut it, i’ll add it together in the sitches.
aussie here, its about 5:36am monday morning i know if i dont finish it now i’ll throw it in to my knitting basket (read: too hard basket) and forget about it its a very very pretty colour, i’ll attach a piccy.

getting very very tempted to cut my loses, about 1/3 of the yarn! :oops:

and you know what a cuppa tea sounds great!

2 and a half hours later and its done in two smaller balls although, it got a huge knot in the centre, then the yarn snapped from to much tugging.

tea time!
See ya i might go to bed after all that.

that is really cool looking yarn! What is it? Thanks :XX:

its from australia not sure what brand i’ll scan the label for you, its call knitting yarn - 100% polyester 50 grams 2oz in the old terms. i got about 5 balls of diffrent colours a few weeks ago - all 99c a ball at a discount store.

It looks like the novelty yarn sold here in the US called “Boa”. I think Bernat makes it…It’s very pretty!.. :thumbsup: