Why Malabrigo yarn?

I have seen lots of good comments on Malabrigo yarn. I am new to this. Could you tell me why you like it??

Thankyou in advance.


Hi Olive Oil! :waving:

Well, that is what I was wondering myself. :shrug: What’s all the fuss???

The yarn is 100% Merino…which has a reputation for being the finest quality wool you can buy, especially soft. Everyone at KH has ‘backed up’ how soft it is…and how nicely it knits! The proof is in the puddin’…so the saying goes!

I purchased some Malabrigo the other day…and it IS NICE!
I am going to close down my 'puter in a sec…and cast on for the Irish Hiking Scarf! :woot:

BTW: the hanks have 215 yards in them…so one skein could make a nice scarf…and two skeins would make a longer, or wider scarf…and/or a hat and wristlets!

I think it’s just all around one of the best quality yarns you can buy for the price. 100% merino wool, (either felt it or don’t’), softer than most wools, and like artlady said, about 210 yards per hank at about 10-12$ per hank. And there are so many variations color-wise to choose from!

It really is a joy to knit with and some of the colors!

I love how it looks, how it feels and how it knits.:woohoo:

I’m waiting for some late guests :tap:…

So I’m going to take this time to start knitting my scarf in the purple mystery colorway…

(my friend is ALWAYS late. I think she will be late for her own funeral. She was late for her wedding…:slight_smile: )

my friend is ALWAYS late. I think she will be late for her own funeral. She was late for her wedding…:slight_smile: )

sadly, that is my DH. sometimes he makes us purposely late just to spite me. I am always either on time or early:roflhard:

It’s soft, it’s luxurious, the colors are divine.

It is a sensual treat and it makes knitting a pleasure.

What more can one say?

I don’t have any Malabrigo yarn but I got to touch it in a yarn store when we were on vacation and it is sooo soft!

where do you find this yarn please?

you can google for it and find tons of stores that have it. I get most of mine from www.personalthreads.com because they are my LYS. www.yarn.com has it too and generally good prices.

I have yet to even feel Malabrigo. That’s it, I’m going to order some dangit!! I was trying to resist, but you won’t shut up about it. You people sure have my hopes up. If it’s not completely DIVINE, I’m afraid I’m going to be disappointed. And it will be all your fault. And if you’re all right, as I suspect you are, and I do love it, and end up ordering more and more, and sending my family into the poor house, that will be your fault too. Just so you know. :teehee:

Malabrigo yarn is all natural! I bought my first on Friday from A Strand of Purls in Hickory and cannot wait to start a new project with it. The yarn is soft in a simple, elegant way, and I adore its texture.

Silver i am pretty sure it is going to be completely horrible so i am going to PM you my address. This way you can get the offensive yarn out of your house immediately. no reason for you to be traumatized in such a way really. :angelgrin:


Im may be ordering some this week. Depends on how much the school shopping kills me. :roflhard:

You are truly a thoughtful and dear friend. I wouldn’t [I]think[/I] of soiling your home with such garbage. :heart:

Ok Ok I decided to check out the Malabrigo yarn I went directly to their website http://www.malabrigoyarn.com/yarn.html I can’t believe the colors how can I chose I love them all …:woot:

If you want to feel it, you can come to my house and bury yourself in my gigantic pile, lol.

I wasn’t that impressed with it when I felt it in my LYS, but because of the hysteria from the knit2purl2 sale and the fact that $6 for 215 yards of any yarn is a great price, I went for it. I don’t know how I couldn’t fully appreciate it in the store, it is really amazing stuff. Let’s put it this way: I am making something with 100% cashmere right now, and the malabrigo is equally soft.

Ok - it’s driving me crazy :wall: how do you pronounce Malabrigo?

Is it “mah lah bree go”? Accent on the “lah”?

I’m a malbrigo virgin as well. I’ve never touched the stuff :frowning: and unfortunately for me the only stores near me that carry yarn are Walmart and Hobby Lobby cries

I tried to order some off of knit2purl2 but every time I click on the malbrigo link, I get an error message. I think they might have sold out.

But here’s to hoping my family get’s my hints and orders some for my birthday :slight_smile: Especially if it’s as soft as y’all say.