Why is that hole there?!

I had the finished project pictured in my mind… a cozy, comfy, colorful garter stitch afghan. I wanted a border, 20 rows on the bottom and top, with a 20 stitch border on each side. My plan was to put squares and rectangles of different colors inside the border. I was happily knitting along, just started adding the colors. Everything was going fine on my first row of adding colors. But something happened on the way back. There is a big hole between where I left off with one color and joined the next. There is also a gap between the border and where I started using color. I tried to knit two stitches together to close the gap. I tried to pull up the stitch from the row below to close the gap. But that darn hole was still there. What the heck is going on and how do I keep this from happening? :wall:

When you switch colors, you have to hold the one you’re stopping over to the left and bring the new one up from under it. This will twist the stitches and avoid the hole. Do it on both sides.

Check out Amy’s video on intarsia if you’re confused.

As for the holes that are still there, just stitch them closed.

Ah yes. It is all clear now! :cheering: Thanks, as always! And now I know what that kind of knitting is called :oops: