Why is it that I simply cannot increase?

I have learned almost everything I know from this site, and, though it has taken practise, I’m getting along fairly well. I’m still very new at this, it’s true, but I have always been able to use this site to figure out how to do stuff. Except increases. I’ve tried every single increase on this site, and I can’t get it. HELP! PLEASE!

Which ones are you trying and what kind of issues are you having with them? There are so many these days.

Yes, which ones have you tried? If you’re having trouble following the videos here’s another site that might help. Scroll down to increases.

This article might also help.


okay im just learning too but a video of knitting tips by judy(?) on utube taught me. when you put your needle in to knit do that wrap the yarn around but when you pull it through, (that piece you pull through) keep it on the needle,(with that stitch)and then put the needle tip through the original st from behind(so right to left, but from the back)wrap the yarn around and pull through(like a normal knit st.)you should now have 2 sts on the needle. I hope that you understand this and it helps.

Thanks for taking the time to explain! I’ll get out my needles and seei if I can make any headway! Thanks so much!