Why finish the outfit?

Ok… since for most of my pregnancy I was unable to knit (it made me feel sick to touch wool) and I’m FINALLY able to do it again, all I keep thinking about is ALLLLL the baby stuff I wanted to have done before baby arrived! So much stuff, so little time.

I started on an “outfit” comprised of bootees, a hat, and a cardigan. I finished the hat and thought I might do the bootees next… then I thought Ohhh I’ll never finish the whole thing in a month! Why not just do another hat? It’s quick and easy. LOL

Sooo… I’ve started another hat of a different pattern. sigh But at least the baby’s head won’t get cold, right?? :roflhard:

It’s almost winter there! The baby will need a little sweater! :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see pics of the little hats…[size=1]and sweater and booties! [/size] :teehee:

She says in small print. LOL

I’m afraid of sweaters (don’t tell anyone!). Even a little baby one scares me!

All the more reason to do one! I’m scared of sweaters, too, but I’m finally making one for myself! I’m going to bring it to knitting group for help with the seaming (because that’s what I’m really afraid of). The pieces are fun to make, though, and it makes sense after a while.

Don’t be afraid of sweaters! Be brave and take a chance. It really isn’t that horrible and the more you do, the better you get at it. This pattern is super duper easy for a baby sweater, try it first even if you give it away because it won’t fit any longer. It doesn’t take a lot of yarn so it wouldn’t be expensive to do!
(I am including two links to the same pattern, done differently)



I have made this set three times and it comes out beautifully! I would give it a try!


Have you ever tried that 5 rectangle baby sweater? It’s super easy and cute.

:teehee: The baby sweater linked to is really easy!