Why does my blanket look so loose?

Im knitting a baby blanket in a garter rib stitch and it just looks really loose? You can barely see the pattern… Im using the recommended needle size 9 circular needles. The yarn is soft and shiny by loops and threads, medium. I dont know what im doing wrong. Could the needle size be wrong? Heres a pic:

You might want to try smaller needles, if that’s the yarn you want to use - what yarn/yarn weight does the pattern call for?

The pattern calls for DK weight yarn, im still newer so im not sure, but shouldnt my medium yarn be ok for that? I was thinking smaller needles, but I dont have any yet. what size do you think would be better?

There’s so much variation in yarns, even those labelled as the same weight, it’s really best to make swatches and see what yarn/needle combinations you like in terms of the knitted fabric they produce. If this were my project, however, I think I’d go down at least one needle size.


I think you need smaller needles with this yarn but how many sizes smaller I can’t say. I’d guess that 7 or 8 should work. Medium (4 weight) yarn is thicker than DK (3 weight) by definition. The reality is that there is overlap in the weight categories. Another thing to be aware of is that the gauge given in a pattern using a specified needle size may or may not provide the desired result for you. You may be a loose knitter and can count on needing a smaller needle; the gauge and needle size given may reflect a tight knitter depending on how the pattern writer knits.

I ended up getting interchangeable needles and this was one of the main reasons why. I didn’t like guessing and hoping the size needles I bought would work and finding out I really needed a different size. The material the needles are made from can affect how tight or loose your stitches are too.

When you get your gauge taken care of your blanket will be lovely. That’s beautiful yarn. Which Loops and Threads is it?