Why do my socks turn out so big?


I have a question about the length of the sock. If it says in the description: knit until the length of the foot measures 23 cm… should it be 23 cm when the knitting is stretched or relaxed?? Everytime i’ve knit socks, i measured it with the knitting relaxed (un-stretched), and they’ve always turned out too long. :frog: I’m beginning to reconsider my shoe-size.

there could be a couple causes…

#1. what type of yarn are you using? is it what the pattern calls for?

#2. What is your gauge? are you matching what the pattern states? you may need to change your needle size if you find your gauge coming out larger than it should be.

#3. I never pay attention to how long it says to go for on the foot once i’ve completed the heel. I try them on and then eyeball. Like the usual pattern says to knit as long as needed until i’m 4" from the end of the toe… ok, fine, but I have funny shaped feet (more square instead of rounded) so the rounded toe is always too short and i end up with blisters on my toes, tryin it on lets me see where i am and how much more i need to do (the fun with this is if someone sees you with it on, they may think you broke your foot LOL)

Well, everything is according to the description. The yarn, the gauge…
When i make socks for myself, i eyeball the size as i go along and try it on. But now i’m making socks for my dad. And when he tried them on, they were a quite a bit too big. I’m just wondering if i’m measuring it wrong.

I tend to measure from the back of the heel to the base of the little toe on both the person and the sock. I will knit to a couple of rows before this measurment before starting the toe decreases.