Why do my purl increases leave a hole?

My pattern calls for increases on the knit side which I have never had any problems with. But then it calls for increases on the purl side. This was the first time I’ve had to increase on the purl side so I watched the video on the site and thought I had it but now that I’m a few rows in I see the purl increases have left holes. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong.

I am knitting into the front and back of the stitch and purling into the front and back of stitch.

I am knitting a stuffed rhino for my son.

Jean Greenhowe recommends that you knit front and back, even on a purl row. I was looking through some of her pattern booklets for something that I made, but I can’t find one where I’ve used this increase on a purl row.

I’ve used M1 and purl through the back loop (awkward, though)


When you do a pfb are you getting a yo that doesn’t get picked up, so it looks like a hole instead of an extra st?

I’ve frogged my piece and tried it again and again. It seems my kfb leaves a bar on my knit side. According to the instructions in the book I’m working out of it says to knit the back then the front so I did that and it seem to not have a bar on the knit side. But, then on the next purl row I have to do another increase in the same area and no matter how I do it, it leave a bar on the knit side. I’ve tried pfb and pbf but both leave a bar on the knit side.


I set it aside to cool down and I spotted a woodpecker pecking a hole into a tree to make a nest. Pretty cool.

Yes, the kfb does leave a bar, that’s because of the way it’s made. Don’t know what to say about the purl increase except try a different one like M1 purl.

Guess I’ll just keep going and see how it turns out. I’m not gonna sweat it any more. My son won’t really care anyway.


Another way to increase is to purl the bump(the stitch in the previous row) that’s below the next stitch, pull that up place it on the left needle and purl it off with the right. Then purl the next stitch as usual.

Thanks, I had to read that a few times but I will try it.