Why do i keep growing?

new to knitting, what am I doing wrong? I cast on 20 stitches and a few rows later, I have 21 or 22. Why!! Thanks.

Probably when you start a new row, you have the yarn over the needle to the back which pulls up the last stitch on the previous row and it looks like 2 instead of one. Pull the yarn out to the side before you knit the first stitch and you can see it better.

Also see the FAQ thread about extra stitches - http://www.knittinghelp.com/forum/showthread.php?t=32886

when I first started knitting I was paranoided about dropping stitches. as a result I would “in round through in round through off” or see the bar between stitches and think it was a dropped stitch and carefully pick it up.
My advise. Calm down. And slow down. work on Knit Only at first and count your stitches after every row. Your yarn should always be behind your work for Garter (K all rows), so if you notice it’s crept forward, stop and move it back behind your work and make certain you don’t wrap it round the needle and create another stitch by accident (Been there, done that too!).
And most importantly have fun! who cares if your first couple of projects Grow/Shrink/Have Holes or Lumpy Bits. Soon enough you’ll get better and they’ll only be there when you want them to.
Happy Knitting

When I started knitting (3yrs ago) I made my first (very proud I was) scarf. Well lordy lordy, it turned out 9 feet long & wavy wavy wavy !! (it was supposed to be square) lol

I was picking up two stitches instead of one (easy to do if you pick the extra from down below). Just took practice !!

Keep knitting it is so awesome!!!

Thanks for the advice. I will pay closer attention! I will love my wavy growing, shrinking scarf with holes just the same!