Why did my stockinette turn backwards?

Hi! This is my first day knitting! :knitting: Well, actually I have done it a little in the past but could never figure out how to purl and after a few basic knitted scarves I gave up (I ran out of people to give them to!!!). I decided I wanted to try again and with the help of the AMAZING videos on this site I have finally figured out how to purl! :cheering:

So I am doing a “scarf” that is really just a sampler of me practicing everything. I did a great stockinette to start off. After a bit of practice I switched to some rows of all knitting and some all purling.

Then I switched back to stockinette but after I had done a few rows and held it up to look it is BACKWARD from the rows I did when I started??? The smooth side (with the V’s) is on the side with the bumpy stuff from before. I have no idea what I did.:shrug:

Oh, and then I also tried some alternating rows using the “Continental” style that I found in the videos and they are going the correct way.

What on earth did I do wrong??

You started with stockinette stitch, which is a 2 row pattern. First row knitted & second purled-then repeat. The Vside (knitted side) is the right (public) side.

Then you changed to garter stitch-a ridged pattern on both sides. Since all rows are knitted there is no right side or wrong side.

If you want the stockinette to matchup when you switch back, you need to begin the purl row on the wrong side-which is the side with the small bumps.

Yeah, you just need to make sure that when you want St st that you put the purl row on the same side you had it on before when you start off. If it is not take, it out and do one more row and then it will be on the right side.

If you want to switch back again, you need to knit when the smooth side is facing you and purl when the bumpy side is faceing you.